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Security &
Data Privacy

Keeping your data protected

End-to-end encryption

If you are looking for the ultimate in security then SafeTrx on the Sony mSafety wearable from Sony should be your focus. mSafety wearables are pre-installed with a security certificate that only permits the devices to transmit fully encrypted communications through the Sony portal to the SafeTrx Cloud. This means that your data is encrypted fully from end-to-end.

Data stored in the SafeTrx system is held to the highest data security standards. is the system itself is fully GDPR-compliant and a full audit trail is tracked and recorded. Information security logs are fully encrypted and securely stored in the cloud.

Complete control over your data

With SafeTrx, you have full control over all data properties in the system. Using the SafeTrx C2 Control Center, you can customise features and choose which data you want to store, so it’s completely tailored to your requirements.

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