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Lifesaving reassurance for adventurers


SafeTrx Active give you the peace of mind knowing that help is at hand if needed. Adventurers are protected by the most advanced tracking and alerting safety technology available, enabling them to safely explore and discover the great outdoors.


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SafeTrx Active delivers long-range tracking and alerting with exceptional battery life.

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The SafeTrx Active tracking and alerting application on the mSafety wearable from Sony with full integration with the widely used SafeTrx Maritime monitoring system

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SafeTrx Active on mSafety is designed to save time and lives with continuous tracking and alerting capabilities

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Water resistant, lightweight and robust; SafeTrx Active won’t let you down

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Two-way data communication allows Search and Rescue teams to interact directly with the SafeTrx Active user

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Smart alert monitoring based with a range of biometric, gesture, push button and positional alarms

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A global roaming profile ensures the wearable is continuously connected without the need for pairing it with a phone

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Secure-by-design feature with end-to-end data encryption and locked down wearable

Compatible with existing SafeTrx smartphone app

Keeping families and rescue services updated at all times.

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Advanced and dependable safety technology, enabling you to push further, explore more

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Long-range tracking, alerting and location technology - 60+ kilometres offshore

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