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Maritime safety platform

Taking the ‘search’ out of Search and Rescue

SafeTrx Maritime is a secure control system providing unprecedented visibility into life-saving data so Search and Rescue personnel can quickly respond to a call for help.

The SafeTrx system is also open to accommodating high quality solutions into the ecosystem and can integrate with other systems to help expedite search and rescue efforts.


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Intelligent early warning system that activates on alerts from the SafeTrx app

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The SafeTrx system is open to accommodating high quality solutions into the ecosystem and integrates with other systems to help expedite search and rescue efforts

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Emergency call position information

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‘SafeTrx Search’ feature that allows Operators to search for vessels, trips, people or emergency contacts stored in the database

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Area picture showing all SafeTrx activity within the operator defined territory

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Overdue filtering for vessels exceeding their planned return time

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Real time tracking capability for all active SafeTrx app users

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SURPIC (Surface Picture) provides surface picture capability for enhanced situational awareness

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24-hour share access allows Marine Rescue organisation to share critical information quickly with other rescue groups by granting temporary access to the console

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SafeTrx is compatible with the following:

  • The SafeTrx Mariner applicationAvailable for iOS and Android and has been the bedrock of the SafeTrx product for many years. Packed with useful features, this application has been used by hundreds of thousands of water sport enthusiasts to track their trips and call for help

  • The mSafety wearable from Sony A dedicated safety wearable with long range tracking and alerting and exceptional battery life

  • Third party IoT safety devices and apps Fell Marine MOB+ and RS Aktiv Nødknapp

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