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Whatever your needs, our technology is adaptable to your requirements. Whether you need to track the location and welfare of security personnel, or want to monitor and improve warehouse efficiencies, our dedicated team will work with you to design a bespoke platform that works for you.

A uniquely configurable platform, enabling your business to harness the vast potential of wearable IoT technology

Customise SafeTrx technology and make it work for you

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  • Tried, tested and proven technology
  • Zero coding required for implementation
  • Customisable to your specific requirements
  • Benefit from SafeTrx technology and expertise
  • Off-the-shelf white label solution


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Customisable interface

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Integrates with the mSafety wearable

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Health and safety monitoring

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Tracking and alerting technology

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Manual and automated alerts

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Integrates with IoT sensors

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Protect and manage the safety and wellbeing of your workforce, regardless of their location

Worker fixing a windwheel


Easy-to-use remote health monitoring platform, providing a complete independent-living solution.

Elderly woman smiling


Wearable tracking and alerting technology, designed to take the ‘search’ out of search and rescue.

Kayaking in the ocean


Maritime safety platform designed to help expedite search and rescue efforts.

Rescue boat in a mission