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low cost fleet and event tracking

SafeTrx Flotilla allows you to track specific vessels using the off-the-shelf SafeTrx Mariner software.
Users of the SafeTrx Flotilla website can view the locations of their vessels in real time.
Access to the SafeTrx Flotilla website can either be secured for corporate use or public for events.


  • Secure
  • Anytime, anyplace viewing
  • Private or public website
  • Full integration with Search and Rescue authorities where SafeTrx is implemented
  • Cloud based
  • Zero hardware installation
  • Race management and scheduling for event organizers
  • Fleet asset management
  • Geofenced alerts for rental operators
24/7 vessel tracking


Know where your vessels are 24/7
desktop and mobile


View tracking data any time, anywhere on a mobile responsive website
sar integration


Integrated with national Search and Rescue authorities where SafeTrx is already in use
cost effective


Low annual service cost


Option of a private, secure website for corporate use

Flotilla Event Case Study

SA Surfski

SA Surfski used SafeTrx Flotilla Event for the 28-kilometre Freedom Paddle in Cape Town, South Africa, in May 2018. Over 200 paddlers took part in the Freedom Paddle event, braving the weather conditions and currents to paddle around Robben Island from Cape Town.

One of the competitor’s race ended unexpectedly. The NSRI Table Bay sea rescue station was alerted to a surf-skier who activated an emergency using his RSA SafeTrx app, south of Robben Island. The NSRI lifeboat located the paddler at the coordinates provided on the RSA SafeTrx app emergency activation.

case study

Flotilla Event Case Study

Ocean sports

Ocean Sports, based in Cornwall in the UK, used Flotilla Event for the Celtic Crossing event in May 2018. Paddlers journeyed from the Scilly Islands to Cornwall. This is one of the most challenging paddling events in Europe, with over 53kms of open ocean paddling.

Glenn Eldridge, Principal at Ocean Sports, said “Celtic Crossing is the kind of extreme ocean sports event where safety is paramount, and we are proud to bring innovation and enhanced safety to the race for our participants using SafeTrx Flotilla Event”.

case study tablet 2

Flotilla Fleet Case Study


Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd uses SafeTrx Flotilla Fleet for 24/7 real time vessel tracking. Flotilla Fleet has brought cost saving and convenience to Titan. Geraint O’Donovan of Titan said “We chose the RYA SafeTrx app because it’s really easy to use and it’s really convenient that the Coast Guard has all of our details automatically.”

By using Flotilla Fleet Titan has enhanced fleet safety and security and is benefiting from the trip planning and ETA overdue alerting capability of Flotilla Fleet.

case study tablet 1

Flotilla Event Case Study


safehaven marine logo

Safehaven Marine used the SafeTrx Flotilla website to create a dedicated public website to highlight their “Long Way Round” circumnavigation of Ireland and Rockall.

SafeTrx Flotilla was used to display the position of ThunderChild every 10 minutes for the thirty four hour record run.

case study tablet 2

Flotilla Event Case Study


west coast challange logo

KNRM, The Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution, used SafeTrx Flotilla as an event tracking website for the 2017 West Coast Challenge, a running and biking marathon for duos and solo runners over 130 kilometers from Den Helder in the north of Holland to the Hook of Holland in the south.

Participants used their SafeTrx app to report their location every 10 minutes with the SafeTrx Flotilla website displaying the locations of all participants.

case study tablet 1

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24/7 secure vessel
real time tracking

Enhanced fleet safety
and security

Direct escalation to Coast Guard
in the event of an emergency



Vessel tracking
as it happens

Multiple event set up and
replay capability

Intuitive and easy to use for



24/7 secure vessel
real time tracking

Automated alerting for out
of bounds vessels

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