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SafeTrx Ranger operates as an in-vessel monitoring system measuring and recording vital information. SafeTrx Ranger equipped vessels broadcast telemetry data on a regular basis.


SafeTrx Ranger is an intelligent and scalable marine sensor platform that comes equipped with a CAN bus interface, WiFi hotspot, integrated ZigBee, BLE and USB for networking, allowing for seamless communication to the many sensors and systems on board a vessel. SafeTrx Ranger is fully integrated with GPS, accelerometer and atmospheric pressure sensors and all the data is accessible in a secure time sequenced user interface.

In the event of abnormal activity such as sudden impacts, sensor alarms or weather alerts, all critical data stored in SafeTrx Ranger is instantly streamed and made available to an operator.

SafeTrx Ranger delivers game changing visibility into maritime operations for fleet users and operators who require real time and historical insights into the use of their vessels and their operational environments.

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1. Health and Safety

Complete access as to how your vessel was handled, providing valuable insights to crew and passenger safety

2. Maintenance Efficiencies

Real time problem solving to drive preventative and emergency response activity from rapid notifications of vessel impacts

3. Operational Value

Continuous surveillance of vessel operations makes it possible to avert problems such as excess fuel consumption and suboptimal engine usage

Thunder Child II Case Study

Safehaven Marine’s Thunder Child II is equipped with SafeTrx Ranger and will also have additional capabilities, including satellite communication to enable the vessel to stream live data from the middle of the Atlantic during Safehaven Marine’s transatlantic record attempt, travelling 4,500 kilometres from Canada to Ireland.

Frank Kowalski, CEO of Safehaven Marine said “Workboats, tugs, pilot boats, small ferry/public service vessels, excursion boats can all be users; a black box for real time and historical data on conditions and impacts is a really powerful feature.”

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Port Authority Case Study

A European Port Authority has equipped a pilot boat with SafeTrx Ranger for daily use. The authority see’s health and safety data as a primary value, along with operational efficiencies and environmental data impacting maintenance. The authority intends to deploy Ranger on further pilot vessels and tugs following extended testing.

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