News - May 16, 2019

Royal Danish Navy present the country's up coming use of SafeTrx

Ahead of the Danish launch of SafeTrx, Lieutenant Commander Thomas Madsen of the Royal Danish Navy presented the country’s upcoming use of SafeTrx to the attendees at the 2019, Maritime Search & Rescue Event in Tallinn, Estonia. Lieutenant Commander Madsen is Head of Maritime Operations at Denmark’s National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC).The Royal Danish Navy will be using the SafeTrx platform to facilitate information gathering in the search phase and reduce the overall SAR response times as a result.

The SafeTrx app, which will be available in the Danish Apple App and Google Play stores this summer as ‘SejlSikkert Alarm’ and includes all the tried and tested SafeTrx vessel tracking and alerting features and will be available in both English and Danish.