How can the Coast Guard get SafeTrx?

8 West Consulting licenses the customer to operate a unique instance of the SafeTrx system. Each SafeTrx system component can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs and branded to the customers standards.

What are the key components of SafeTrx?
  • Android and iOS Smartphone applications
  • SafeTrx Web Portal for boaters
  • SafeTrx Monitoring Console for SAR emergency response operators
Who has access to Boater's trip details?

This information is stored on a secure server and access is restricted to the boater and the customer.

Who owns the Boater and trip data?

The customer hosts the software and database in either a cloud hosting facility or on premise, therefore the customer owns all data in the database (data owner)

How much does the system cost?

8 West Consulting charges an annual licensing fee for use of the SafeTrx system. Please send an email to for a quote.

What kind of training is provided?

8 West Consulting offers full onsite training to operators and administration staff.

If there is an issue with the system, who do we contact?

8 West Consulting provides full technical support for each of the SafeTrx system components - the Android and iOS Smartphone applications; the SafeTrx Web Portal and SafeTrx Monitoring Console.

Is there any marketing support provided?

Yes, 8 West Consulting provides the necessary marketing assistance to customers.

What are the technical requirements for SafeTrx?

Hardware and software requirements for the SafeTrx system are available on request. Please contact for details.

How does the app handle loss of cell coverage?

The SafeTrx Smartphone application uses both the GPS and cell network to determine location. If the cell signal is lost the app will attempt to continue to acquire and store location information using the Smartphone’s GPS receiver. Once a cell signal becomes available again the app sends the backlog of stored location information to the SafeTrx server and resumes transmitting location information in real time.

How can Boaters manage their account?

Boaters can view and edit their account details using SafeTrx Web. Within this website, boaters can:

  • Change their personal contact details & password information
  • Manage their vessel details
  • Set up and edit their emergency contacts
  • View and delete their journey history
  • View and share SafeTrx trip statistics on Facebook
  • View Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Disclaimer policies
What happens if Boaters fail to close their trip within the logged ETA?

From a monitoring perspective, SafeTrx is fully autonomous once the boater hits “Set Sail”, however failure to close a trip triggers an escalation process involving the boater’s emergency contacts and the Coast Guard. The SafeTrx escalation actions are customised to follow the processes and procedures of the Coast Guard.

Does the smartphone application use a lot of battery power?

The SafeTrx app uses a number of methods to determine position and these do consume battery power. However the app monitors the Smartphone’s battery in real time and adapts to declining battery levels. If the battery level falls below 30%, the location transmission interval is adjusted from 1Km to 2Km to save battery power. There is also a failsafe to ensure that if the battery level falls to 10%*, SafeTrx suspends in order to preserve battery power for emergency calls. When the Smartphone is plugged in to recharge, trip monitoring is automatically resumed.

*Please note that the battery levels reported on some Smartphones are rounded down to the nearest 5%, therefore trip recording may be suspended when the battery level is between 10%-15%

Can Boaters change their Sail Plan while running a trip?

When a trip is in progress, boaters can amend the following using the ‘Review’ button on the Trip Progress screen:

  • Estimated time of arrival at your end destination (ETA)
  • People on Board
  • Emergency Contacts
  • End point