News - April 18, 2019

SafeTrx 2019r2 Now Available!

8 West Consulting, the developers of SafeTrx, the leading maritime non GMDSS public safety system, is pleased to announce the release of SafeTrx 2019r2 which is now available and has initially been rolled out to users in Ireland, UK, South Africa and Australia. This release includes a new feature, improvements and bug fixes to the app. Please note that the new feature is currently only available to iOS users so keep an eye out for when the Android version of the feature is available.

The following is a summary of the SafeTrx 2019r2 release:

SafeTrx Group Share:

Whether a group of you are heading out kayaking, surfsking, canoeing or organising any water sport activity, you can now use the new SafeTrx Group Share feature to organise a private group session for you and your friends, where the session will be viewable on a live tracking site. The group organiser will be able to generate a once off ‘Private Group Code’ in ‘Track Only’ mode on the SafeTrx app which can then be shared with the other group members. There is a limit of 6 people allowed to enter the ‘Private Group Code’ and the code is valid for 24 hours.

Once the session has begun, everyone in the group will be able to share a link to their friends and family ashore who will be able to view the groups live track on the tracking webpage. During the session, each member will also be able to view the groups live track and monitor each others position on the water, reassuring all members that everyone in the session is ok.

As well as being a safety feature, users also have the option to playback the groups session and watch it with fellow group members, reliving the best moments! The playback site is active for 3 days after the session and can also be shared on social media channels for other friends to watch the groups session.

Removal of the ‘long press distress’ feature:

It is important to note that the 2019r2 release includes the removal of the ‘long press distress’ feature. As a result of feedback from the SafeTrx community, the ‘long press distress’ feature has been removed from this version of the app. You can still access the Emergency or Assistance call screen by pressing:

  • The ‘Call for Help’ button on the Sail Plan and Track Only mode screens
  • The ‘Call for Help’ button on the home screen
  • The ‘Emergency/Assistance Call’ buttons on the side bar menu

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

SafeTrx Mariner Mobile Apps:

  • Addressed an issue with the Flag Alpha image missing from Trip Summary map
  • Addressed an issue with the display of the side bar menu on iPhone 8+ devices
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the side bar menu appearing on certain iPhone models
  • An issue with the email address editing field in ‘My Profile’ not aligning properly is now resolved
  • Addressed an issue with the weather data not appearing on the Irish Sailing SafeTrx app
  • Addressed an issue with the UK Met data not appearing on the RYA SafeTrx app
  • Updated the Mayflower Marina phone number in ‘Nearby Information’ on the RYA SafeTrx app
  • Addressed an issue with boat rental content not appearing on KNRM Helpt (Dutch SafeTrx app)
  • Changed the label ‘User Manual’ to ‘User Guide’ in the ‘About’ section KNRM Helpt (Dutch SafeTrx app)
  • Updated the Dutch translation for the password validation instruction KNRM Helpt (Dutch SafeTrx app)
  • Added the FLBI Assistance call option distress call screen on Suomen Meripelastusseura (Finnish Lifeboat Institution - Trossi app)
  • Resolved an issue with the RS ‘Manage Devices’ section of the Redningsselskapet SafeTrx app
  • Updated the ‘3.1 Balizamiento_Marcas laterales’ pdf under Safety Information on the Salvamento Maritimo SafeTrx app

News - March 28, 2019

The Vaikobi King and Queen of the Harbour chooses SafeTrx Flotilla Event!

The Vaikobi Auckland King & Queen Of The Harbour and 8 West Consulting, the developers of SafeTrx, the leading maritime non GMDSS public safety system, are pleased to announce that the King & Queen of the Harbour race on March 30th is using SafeTrx Flotilla Event.

The race doubles as New Zealand’s iconic national Surfski Ocean Racing championships. The event also traditionally features SUP and Waka-Ama categories, and will see the Auckland Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf play host to the best Surfski, SUP and Waka-Ama paddlers New Zealand has to offer, along with some pretty solid international competition. The event organiser, Garth Spencer from Pacific Ocean Paddlers has made the use of SafeTrx mandatory. Garth said “Endorsed by our national sporting organization @Canoe Racing New Zealand, the event serves as our selections for this year’s International Canoe Federation World Championship in France. We have investigated many tracking and emergency alerting options and are convinced that SafeTrx (kindly made available by the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard) is the best solution available to keep our paddlers safe on the water.”

Learn more about SafeTrx Flotilla Event at

News - March 20, 2019

Variety the Children’s Charity of Queensland is the latest SafeTrx Flotilla Event customer

We are delighted to announce that Variety - the Children’s Charity of Queensland, is using SafeTrx Flotilla Event for the upcoming Yamaha Variety Jet Trek on the 25th – 30th March. 

The Yamaha Variety Jet Trek is Australia’s largest and most successful charity personal watercraft (PWC) event, running annually for the last 20 years. This is an adrenaline packed jet ski adventure on-water, travelling through some of the most amazing coastlines from Bundaberg to Hamilton Island.  

Event safety on the water is paramount and the event organisers have decided to use SafeTrx Flotilla Event so the organiser’s safety team can monitor and track the event participants live via the SafeTrx Flotilla Event website, which is fully integrated with Australian Volunteer Coast Guard’s SafeTrx system, allowing event rescue and Australian Volunteer Coast Guard SAR teams respond to an emergency as quickly as possible if needed. 

Paul Ryan, Head of New Business Development at 8 West Consulting said “We are delighted to be working with Variety who want to bring safety to the forefront for the upcoming Yamaha Variety Jet Trek. They chose SafeTrx Flotilla Event as it will allow the event organiser’s safety team track all participants live and shorten their response time in the event of an emergency situation.”

Learn more about SafeTrx Flotilla Event at

News - March 06, 2019

Irish Minister applauds SafeTrx and Dubai Police project

8 West Consulting, an Enterprise Ireland client, featured today in a press release about the development of stronger economic ties between Ireland and the UAE. 8 West’s SafeTrx Search and Rescue product is currently in the final stages of implementation and will be available soon as part of the Dubai Police app.

Speaking at the UAE Small and Medium Enterprise and Innovation Forum, Ireland’s Minister of State for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, Pat Breen, TD said “SafeTrx is an award-winning tracking and alerting technology platform to which 8 West is consistently adding new products and capabilities. It is particularly appropriate that 8 West is working with the Dubai Police who are so focused on innovation.”

Please click here to read in the full Press Release announcement.