News - May 11, 2018

SafeTrx Flotilla Event Launches In The UK

8 West Consulting, the developers of SafeTrx, the leading maritime non GMDSS public safety system, is pleased to announce Ocean Sports Coaching as the second customer for SafeTrx Flotilla Event.

Ocean Sports is a UK based company that is all about bringing the community of paddlers and surfski racers together to experience the ocean. Their mission statement says “75% of the planet is water…get out on it!”. Ocean Sports runs bespoke academy coaching days and weekends to hone paddling technique and ocean skills as well as events.

This coming Sunday the 13th of May Ocean Sports is running the Celtic Crossing, where paddlers will journey from the Scillies to Cornwall in the most challenging paddling event in Europe, over 53kms of open ocean paddling. We are excited to track this event live and we wish all the participants the very best of luck. Glenn Eldridge, Principal at Ocean Sports, said “Celtic Crossing is the kind of extreme ocean sports event where safety is paramount, and we are proud to bring innovation and enhanced safety to the race for our participants using SafeTrx Flotilla Event”.

Paul Ryan, Head of New Business Development at 8 West, said “We look forward to setting up future events with Ocean Sports and working closely with Glenn and his team to bring safety to the forefront of all their events. SafeTrx Flotilla Event is an ideal solution for paddle race organisers to manage events and to allow the public to view and playback events.”

News - April 30, 2018

SafeTrx Flotilla Event used in South Africa’s surfski event, Freedom Paddle on Friday 27th of April

Our new SafeTrx Flotilla Event solution was used in South Africa’s challenging surfski event, the 28 kilometer Freedom Paddle in Cape Town. The race was held on “Freedom Day” which is a public holiday on the 27th of April commemorating the liberation of South Africa.

The event saw over 200 paddlers take to the water, braving the weather conditions and the currents to paddle around Robben island.

All competitors used their NSRI SafeTrx apps to enter the SafeTrx Flotilla event code which allowed them to be tracked by the maritime Search and Rescue and by the event organisers. People were able to immerse themselves in the race by following it live on the SafeTrx Flotilla Event Freedom Paddle and access the replay of the race on the website.

For one of the competitors the race ended unexpectedly. The competitor activated an emergency using his RSA SafeTrx app and reported to be suffering nausea and motion sickness. The NSRI lifeboat Rotarian Schipper diverted to the coordinates provided on the RSA SafeTrx app emergency activation. The paddler was taken on-board the sea rescue craft and brought into Cape Town harbour without incident and no further assistance was required.

A report on the race can be found at here and a SABC TV report on the race can be watched here.

News - April 06, 2018

Launch of SafeTrx Flotilla Event

8 West Consulting, the developers of SafeTrx, the leading maritime non GMDSS public safety system, is pleased to announce the launch of SafeTrx Flotilla Event. Flotilla Event gives race organisers the ability to plan, manage and deliver live tracking on our web-based race viewer with the security of knowing that race participants locations are available to the Search And Rescue (SAR) authorities in case of emergencies.

Robin Tindall of SA Surfski, a well-known surfski race organiser in South Africa, and beyond, is the first customer for Flotilla Event. He commented “We selected SafeTrx Flotilla Event not only because it allows us to track, record, share and playback paddling events but it also offers integration with the rescue authorities for emergencies. This is critical for us as the safety of our paddlers is an absolute priority. We will be launching Flotilla Event at the inaugural 2018 Freedom Paddle in Cape Town on April 27th, a brand-new event which is shaping up to become one of the highlights of the international surfski calendar.”

Flotilla Event offers customers the capability to create and manage multiple competitions and race series, setting parameters such as event timings, routes, waypoints etc. in an easy to use administration console. Race participants can use the standard SafeTrx Mariner app to register for any number of Flotilla Event competitions, ensuring they are tracked by the race organiser and the search and rescue authorities. Flotilla Event organisers can publicise the races for the viewing public to watch across devices including mobile phones, tablets and larger screens.

SafeTrx Flotilla Event has already been used by Safehaven Marine to create a dedicated public website to highlight their “Long Way Round” circumnavigation of Ireland and Rockall in 2017. KNRM, the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution, also used SafeTrx Flotilla Event as a race tracking website for the 2017 West Coast Challenge, a running and biking marathon for duos and solo runners. The KNRM is promoting Flotilla Event to water sports organizations in Holland to support and monitor participants in competitions in a cost effective and practical way. This allows the KNRM to be able to intervene in time if there are emergencies.

News - February 26, 2018

Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd. chooses SafeTrx Flotilla

We are delighted to announce our first customer for SafeTrx Flotilla.Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd. is a UK based multi-disciplinary marine and environmental surveying company, with 30 years of experience in Hydrographic, Oceanographic and Environmental surveys within the nearshore and coastal region. Mark O’Donovan of Titan commented “We chose SafeTrx Flotilla Fleet not only because it met our private and secure tracking requirements but it also offers integration with the rescue authorities for emergencies, a key advantage for us as safety is our number one priority”.

We look forward to working closely with Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd in future.