News - November 06, 2018

SafeTrx 2018r2 Now Available!

8 West Consulting, the developers of SafeTrx, the leading maritime non GMDSS public safety system, is pleased to announce the release of SafeTrx 2018r2. After months of development SafeTrx 2018r2 is now available and has initially been rolled out to users in Australia and South Africa. This release includes new features, improvements and bug fixes to the app, as requested by SafeTrx users worldwide.

The following is a summary of the SafeTrx 2018r2 release:

New Features:

New 5 Minute Tracking Mode: This new tracking interval for Track Only mode had been requested by surfskiers and others. Surfskiers in particular can cover considerable distances quickly when the wind and tide conditions are right, and the new tracking interval uses a lot less battery power than Continuous mode.

•EPIRB and PLB Registration Link: During the Vessel Registration process, when a user selects PLB or EPIRB, a PLB Hex ID and an EPIRB Hex ID fields are now displayed. A link is now included to the official beacon register where available.

Password Display Toggle: To help end users avoid errors in SafeTrx mobile app login password entry, a button has been included on the ‘Password’ field that allows the end user to display password input. The button will allow end users toggle the password display on and off.

App Store Review Option: End users can now rate the app through Google Play and Apple App Store in-app review stars.

Vessel Registration Print Option: Users now have the option to print completed Vessel Registration forms from the SafeTrx end user website.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

SafeTrx Mariner Mobile Apps:

• In Sail Plan mode, when the Sail Plan is adjusted in any way (e.g. update ETA, destination or persons on board), the end user now has the option to send a SMS to the emergency contact with the updated Sail Plan details.

• The name of the app end user has been added to the ‘Share Trip’ message. For example, instead of the text “I’m using SafeTrx”, it now displays as “Mike Smith is using SafeTrx”. For SafeTrx Flotilla Event customers, the improvement helps Flotilla Event organisers (or Flotilla Event committees/group coordinators) clearly see which message belongs to which user, when they receive multiple messages from race participants.

• On the Vessel Registration process ‘Narrow Boat’ has been added under the ‘Specification’ drop down list for ‘Motorboat with Inboard Engine’.

• Feedback from end users highlight that the SafeTrx mobile app sometimes shows an inaccurate track in the Trip Summary view and when playing back the route. To address this, we have limited the display on both screens to just show reported locations that have a 50 metres or better horizontal accuracy on the reported locations. This will allow for a more accurate track to be presented on both Trip Summary and playback views.

• With the introduction of new devices and screen sizes, the iOS SafeTrx app has introduced an auto layout approach that allows the user interface to respond according to the screen size and adjusts the display accordingly.

• The iOS networking library has been upgraded.

• The SafeTrx iOS issue with the icon display for ‘diver down’ on the Trip Summary screen has been resolved.

• The SafeTrx Android issue that displayed the speed value from an older position when the user is stationary has been resolved.

• Loading weather data from via a poor connection on the Android OS 8.0 has been fixed.

SafeTrx End User Website:

• The font size has been increased and the font colour is now highlighted in red for the ‘Important details for SAR actions’ section of the Vessel Registration form on the end user website.

• On the Vessel Registration process ‘Narrow Boat’ has been added under the ‘Specification’ drop down list for ‘Motorboat with Inboard Engine’.

• The website User Interface libraries have been upgraded.

SafeTrx Monitoring Console and Web Services:

• After a trip is closed, the trip stays on the SafeTrx Monitoring Console for a defined period and is then removed. When removed, the text ‘Trip Complete’ is displayed on the activity log. The text is changed to ‘Trip removed from Console’.

• If an Operator acknowledges an overdue Sail Plan trip and adds a note explaining why it is acknowledged, the note is now displayed on the Activity Log.

• In SafeTrx Search, the last modified date for the PLB Hex ID and the EPIRB Hex ID is recorded and displayed on the search result for the vessel.

SafeTrx Flotilla Event:

• Rescue boats are now recognisable event participants on the SafeTrx Flotilla Event website map. The rescue boats will use the same SafeTrx Flotilla Event code as the race participants but will add ‘-SAFE’ onto the end of the code. In so doing, they are identified as a rescue boat on the SafeTrx Flotilla map view, with a unique vessel icon to mark their position. All rescue boats are marked with a similar vessel icon on the map and can be tracked in the same way as participants are tracked. The rescue boats are listed at the bottom of the ‘Select’ drop down list.

• An issue that caused an incorrect time stamp to be recorded has been fixed.

• Feedback from event participants had commented that the SafeTrx Flotilla Event code entry could be made clearer on the ‘Track Only’ screen. The font size has been increased and the font type has changed to bold to highlight it.

Localisation Tasks:

RYA SafeTrx changes:

• In the RYA ‘Account Registration’ and ‘Account Details’ sections, a new ‘House Name’ field has been added. The house ‘no.’ field is now optional to enter for the RYA.

• To better differentiate between the RYA website and RYA SafeTrx, the branding has been changed on the RYA SafeTrx end user website login screen.

• The RYA End User License Agreement has been updated in the RYA SafeTrx end user website.

• A link to the Ofcom mobile coverage checker apps has been added in the RYA SafeTrx mobile apps.

• The coordinates of the Southwold RNLI station have been corrected in the lifeboat station listing.

• RYA SafeTrx FAQs now link to the RYA website.

• The ‘Equipment for Pleasure Vessels’ PDF is now updated in the RYA SafeTrx Safety Information and update the ‘Useful Links’ section of the RYA SafeTrx app.

Suomen Meripelastusseura (Finnish Lifeboat Institution) SafeTrx app changes:

• The Suomen Meripelastusseura (Finnish Lifeboat Institution) SafeTrx app ‘Useful Links’ section has been updated.

KNRM Helpt (Dutch SafeTrx app) changes:

• The ‘Wind State and Sea State’ pdf has been replaced under Safety Information in the KNRM Helpt (SafeTrx) app.

Redningsselskapet SafeTrx app changes:

• The Redningsselskapet (Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue) End User License Agreement has been updated in both the end user website and mobile apps.

Nessa Malone, SafeTrx Product Manager said “We are delighted to be rolling out the new SafeTrx 2018r2 release today. The release brings new features inspired by the SafeTrx community. Over the last few months we have been working hard to bring features as requested by users and to also bring safety to the forefront to continue our mission of taking the search out of search and rescue.”

News - October 16, 2018

SafeTrx to be implemented in Dubai

Pictured at the signature of a contact for implementing SafeTrx between Dubai Police and 8 West Consulting are John Murphy, CEO of 8 West Consulting, Lieutenant Colonel Eng. Hussain Ahmed Bin Ghelaita Almheiri and Samer Al Khawaja, Head of Mobility and project manager of the Dubai Police app.

At the contract signing John Murphy commented “Dubai Police is one of the most innovative police forces in the world and is working tirelessly to deliver smart solutions for public safety. As well as making SafeTrx part of the Dubai Police app the Commander-in-Chief has set ambitious targets for further development, including a land version and the integration of new technologies for search and rescue. Here at GITEX we are surrounded by innovation showcases, and we are proud to be here to announce that SafeTrx will be leading the way for marine tracking and alerting in Dubai.”

News - October 12, 2018

SafeTrx 2018r2 Release Coming Soon!

We will soon be releasing the new SafeTrx 2018r2 release to the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard and the National Sea Rescue Institute in South Africa.

On the request of many in the SafeTrx community, the upcoming release includes a new 5-minute tracking interval in Track Only mode.

The SafeTrx 2018r2 release also includes new features, improvements and bug fixes to the app as a result of feedback from end users. The SafeTrx team want to make sure that its users feel safe from the moment they start a trip until they arrive at their destination.

Improvements have been made to the Sail Plan mode allowing users keep their friends and family up to date with any changes they have made to their trip. In the 2018r2 release, any adjustments to the ETA, people on board, waypoint and destination will be texted to their emergency contacts.

A new safety feature has been added to Flotilla Event. Rescue boats will now be visible to race organisers on the SafeTrx Flotilla map. This feature allows race organisers to track the safety boats and differentiate between participants and safety vessels. Improvements have also been made to Flotilla Event; the Flotilla event code entry is now clearer and displays in bold so that it stands out to the end user.

The SafeTrx team is interested in any feedback users of the app may have, so users now have the ability to rate their experience with the app via Google Play and the Apple App Store review stars.

Keep an eye out for when the new release becomes available in your country!